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High-elo.net prioritizes quality, speed and safety, and we value the trust and loyalty between the customer and the company. We will provide exceptionally trustworthy and responsible boosters, with an added layer of security for your elo boosting by making all the boosters use VPN’s when they play on your account.

The most sophisticated members area for any boosting site! You can follow the boosters progress, see match history, chat live with the booster, request a specific booster , track previous orders and much more! Get your lol boost today!

Want to learn a new hero? Check out our guides, written by professional League of Legends players! All guides include in depth videos and champion analysis in addition to the standard guide setup and are written by Master and Challenger Players. Guides are a perfect way to complement an elo boost!

We Take Security Seriously

High-elo.net has been boosting for 2 years. Our boosters are all veterans who have reached Challenger at least once in their LoL career, or ex-professional players who boost for a living now. We take customer account security very seriously. LoL Academy boosters use VPNs while playing to protect both our customers and themselves. They have strict instructions to conduct themselves in a professional and civil manner, and they are generally really friendly people.

Meet Our Coaches

Our roster of coaches include Challenger and Master players, some ex-LCS players and even one World Champion from Season 1! Take your pick, all of them have years of coaching experience, and if you're unsure of who to go for, feel free to have a chat with us and we will recommend someone who we think will suit your needs.

Customers opinion

Important questions

If you can't find an answer to your question, you met some problem or you want just give us a feedback, feel free to shout us an email. We are always up for a chat.

I am afraid to give my account Username and Password, Is my account safe?

Our boosters who will have access to your login and password are all highly trusted Diamond I/Master/Challenger players, so there is no way something like this will ever happen. I would recommend to change your account password to a temporary password before ordering any services, also have your account E-mail verified on the League of Legends Website.

I see that you only accept Paypal payments, can I choose any other one?

Yes, we also accept skrill, pay safe cards and bank transfers. Also you can choose to pay with your credit card on the Paypal checkout page by selecting: I do not have a Paypal account option.

How can I get in contact with the booster?

You can contact us via skype with your questions and we will contact the booster. skype: SupportLeagueBoosts

How does your Service Exactly work?

You are paying us for playing on your account and getting higher in Solo Queue Ranked Ladder, we got Experienced Diamond I /Challenger boosters so It’s not a problem.